Our on-site  Certified Clinical Herbalist has studied nutrition and herbs for over 6 years and has over 1,200 hours of advanced and clinical training from the North American Institute of Medical Herbalism in Boulder, Colorado. 

(Herbal tinctures available)

Ionic Detox Foot bath offers up to 48 hours of detox!

Ionic Detox Foot bath offers up to 48 hours of detox!

Personal/Customized Health & Nutrition Consultations

1 hr.  $75 includes : medical history, nutritional habits, emotional status, exercise routine, lifestyle practices and anything else pertinent to the reason you are seeking a consultation. 

Consulting and Supporting for but not limited to...

Depression • Anxiety • Chronic fatigue • Irritability/Anger • IBS •Systemic inflammation • Food intolerances and sensitivities • Autoimmunity • Leaky gut syndrome • Detoxification • Insulin resistance • PMS Symptoms • Sexual dysfunction • Menopause • Menstrual regulation • Polycystic disorders • Eczema • Acne • Psoriasis

30 Minute Ionic Foot Detox ($30) : The ions in the foot detox hold a charge that enables them to bind to heavy metals and other toxins in the body then pulls them out through the feet.