Lookin Good



Body sugaring is an ancient Egyptian method of hair removal using a 100% natural paste of sugar, lemon and water. We use professional sugaring products which are made with the highest grade organically sourced ingredients.

Body waxing is accomplished by spreading the wax thinly over the skin and then removed with strips. 

Eyebrows                   $18 and up                                                    

Bikini                           $47 and up

Upper Lip                   $ 16 and up                                                  

Brazilian                     $77 and up

Chin                             $22 and up                                                  

Underarms                $30 and up

Back Zone                  $37 and up                                                    

Full Leg & Bikini     $127 and up

Half Leg                      $55 and up                                                    

Full Leg                       $95 and up

*Other areas available upon request

Hair must be at least one fourth of an inch long before it can be waxed or sugared. No tanning before waxing or sugaring to help eliminate pain. No tanning after as fresh skin can burn easily.