Eyelash extensions

We offer Xtreme Eyelash Extensions.  Xtreme eyelashes are semi-permanent, curved, thicker at the base and taper to a fine point to replicate a natural lash.

Xtreme eyelash extensions are the only lash company in the WORLD that offers a hypoallergenic adhesive. Here at Lookin' Good Spa, we strive for quality vs. quantity, expertise, and knowledge of our products. Don’t settle for less!

If you want a thicker, longer lash with a natural look, book your appointment with Dahlia or Alyssa today!

Xtreme Full Set                 $150

Xtreme Fill                          $55+


A lash lift is like a perm for your lashes.

Like old-school perms from the '80s, lash lifts set the shape of your natural lashes using a chemical solution. "A lift is essentially what your lash would be doing with a really good mechanical curler, so [giving] a nice shape upward and a realistic curl," Dahlia is available for appointments, call today!

Lash Lift $65